Supporting V360

How They Help

Assertive Outreach is a method of assisting veterans at risk of or experiencing homelessness from the point of identification through and until they are able to live independently. We will travel to any city or location in the country and seek out homeless veterans, whether from a referral or information received. During one such trip to a State Capital we found two veterans living on the streets of the city. With literally the clothes on their backs we were able to place them into hotel accommodation and then using the resources of another accommodation provider in the area, we transitioned them into supported care until both were able to access independent accommodation.

We also provide access to storage and moving services – free of charge to the veteran – assistance through trust funds for rent and bond – access to financial counselling – connectivity with estranged family and friends and a host of other services dedicated to assisting veterans who are or have been homeless while they recover and reconnect with their community.

Our operational model is based on making contact with veterans and then encouraging them to fully participate in their recovery and exit from homelessness.  No one is able to do the work for someone, but by providing support and advocacy, we can assist our veteran clients into a better life, one they are in control of.

What is Homelessness?

Homelessness is not simply being ‘roofless’ it can be one or any combination of the aspects appearing below:

Primary homelessness is experienced by people without conventional accommodation (e.g. sleeping rough, in cars or in improvised dwellings/squats)

Secondary homelessness is experienced by people who frequently move from one temporary shelter to another (e.g. crisis/emergency accommodation, refuges, staying with parents and friends “couch surfing”)

Tertiary homelessness is experienced by people staying in accommodation that falls below minimum community standards (e.g. rooming/boarding houses and caravan parks etc. essentially places without tenure)

How to Contact V360

V360 Australia believe in a housing first model. Regardless of the issues facing anyone who is homeless, there needs to be stability in their accommodation and food supply. By providing immediate and suitable crisis accommodation, we are able to begin the process of identifying needs and case managing the veteran into services such as medical/mental health, DVA or Centrelink entitlements, connection with allied service providers and rebuilding social and family networks.

We have had contact with more than one hundred veterans in the past year. We do not release exact numbers outside of official reporting. Our national operations team work tirelessly seven days a week in locating, assisting and transitioning homeless and at risk veterans into safe, secure and supported accommodation. Due to our wish to maintain dignity we do not release exact details of our clients’ experiences.


Phone: 0435 994 888

Free Call: 1800 838 360