Supporting APPVA

What Does APPVA Do?


The APPVA aims to provide a comprehensive service to current and ex-serving Defence and Police members in all aspects of Military Compensation. We have paid and volunteer TIP/BEST Pensions Officers, Welfare Officers, MCRS Claims Officers and Advocates in the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Townsville, Sydney, Albury/Wodonga, Melbourne, Geelong, Torquay, Adelaide, Darwin and Tasmania. 

We are actively assisting members in the primary Claim for compensation, Reviews and Appeals. An extensive specialist Legal network to appeal DFRDB, MSBS, MCRS, MRCA and VEA decisions is also available. We also provide the same service to those who have served as Police Officers on a range of Peacekeeping and other Operations. 

We represent the best interests of our constituents to the highest levels of Government and have had a number of successful outcomes. 

What are APPVA Currently Doing?

 Some areas where we have advised in the past include employment opportunities within the UN and State and public service, Home Loans, Eligibility regarding Operational Service and Medals as well as Welfare and Pensions and Superannuation (DFRDB & MSBS). Listed below are some of the issues the APPVA is currently representing to government: 

1. Veteran Health study for veterans, from operations during 1991-1995 (Cambodia, Somalia & Rwanda);

2. Correcting anomalies to the MRCA, in particular the Special Rate Disability Rate of Pension (SRDP);

3. Younger Veterans in residential care;

4. Reclassification of Humanitarian Operations to Non Warlike Service;

5. Reclassification of service for the OP ASTUTE -Timor Leste to Warlike Service, between certain dates of the operation;

6. Commemorating the 60th Anniversary of Australian Peacekeeping Operations, including assisting in the Australian Peacekeeper Memorial Project; 

7. Reviewing a range of medal anomalies in the ADF, with a view for Australian Operational Campaign and Australian Peacekeeper Medals.

How to Contact APPVA?

To promote fellowship amongst those who have served in Peacekeeping and Peacemaking Operations. There is nothing like catching up with those that you have served with, particularly overseas. They can be friendships that last a lifetime. We actively encourage this comradeship by arranging functions and get-togethers in particular on ANZAC Day, Peacekeepers Day (14 Sep) and UN Day commemorations (24 Oct).

To raise the profile of the skills used by members in their contribution to world peace and security. We are currently assisting the Australian War Memorial Post 1945 Conflicts Exhibition; contribution toward the four volumes of the Official History of Peacekeeping; Book projects that reflect the service at the coal-face level as well as the command levels .

To make contact with an APPVA representative in your State, visit our website Contact List: