The Ripple Effect PTSD Veteran

Featuring Marissa Josephs & Veteran Andrea Josephs

 who was deployed to East Timor in 1999. In 2014, after fighting invisible wounds for 10 years Andrea was diagnosed with PTSD, her eldest daughter, 18 yo Marissa was thrown into the adult world when Andrea attempted suicide, sadly Marissa was not taken seriously & she had to fight for her & her three younger sisters to be heard by doctors.

This deeply personal story is one of heartbreak, love, resilience, and how a broken family stayed together.

Ripple Effect of PTSD Veterans

In 2010, Veteran Michael Harding was involved in the Battle of Derapet during deployment to Afghanistan, a firefight lasted three and a half hours in which section mate, Jared, was shot and killed. Days later, Michael presented to a doctor with involuntary full body muscular twitches and was subsequently diagnosed with PTSD. Michael drank heavily to overcome the zombie feeling from the medication and as a result became an alcoholic.

Bek is Michael’s loving carer, decided to do something to help.

Ripple Effect Of PTSD Veteran

Liz Jackman wonders who helps families when her husband Veteran Scott Jackman came home and told her the Army didn’t want him anymore. Scott deployed to both East Timor & Afghanistan. 2013, Scott medically discharged with major depression,PTSD which was a bitter pill to swallow, lead to a downward spiral in Scott’s mental health.

Liz and Scott’s life changed forever when Scott received an assistance dog called Whiskey. A raw emotional film that will touch your heart, a must see for dog lovers.